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Transform your life with Coaching

I work with people all over the world who want to make long-lasting changes in their lives, that get them real results in real-time. 

So if you are feeling:

  • Doubtful and worried
  • Struggling with low self-esteem and worth 
  • Or that its just time to transform your life into the one you want

And you want to start feeling:

  • Successful in all areas of your life 
  • Able to create positive habits that stay with you
  • Fully in tune with your intuition and highest self
  • Confident about your self and what you can achieve
  • Aware of your purpose and driven to share it with the world

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Life Coaching in Manchester

Take your first step into a brighter future.

Hi - I am Shelby and I am here to help you invest in yourself, to guide you to a more confident and energised version of yourself, a version that has purpose and passion but most of all peace.​

IMAGINE your future, just one year from now... a future you have created, one where you feel powerful, unstoppable and successful. A future where you have direction, confidence and happiness.

Working together, we will create a program from the ground up, entirely bespoke to suit your individual focus.  I also offer various payment options so you no longer need to choose between investing in yourself or in your goals!

Let's take a step into building you a brighter future!

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Most Popular Packages

The in-depth, bespoke coaching package designed to increase your confidence, happiness and success in as little as three months.

The life-affirming rockstar package, where we dig deep and unearth what is truly holding you back, so by the end of the six months you are at the top of the world.

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What is a Life Coach?

Simply put...

A life coach is someone that views their client’s potential, issues and challenges as a third party.

A good life coach will help you reflect. A great one will teach you how to do it yourself.

While the coach will have a deeper understanding of the topic/issue. It is the client’s responsibility to take knowledge and skills and apply them. Every client is unique and starts from a different place. The client will move at their own pace.

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The Benefits of Coaching

Confidence and Freedom

Together we will strip away those  limiting beliefs that have been holding you back your entire life. 

I will help you shape yourself into a person with confidence and the freedom to be your true self. 

You will learn how to tap into your superpower and use it to transform your life.

Deeper Happiness and Lower Anxiety

In a world filled with so many opinions about what that happiness is, learn to define your own happiness and then go one step further and achieve it.

Anxiety is the leading cause of hesitation and doubt. Learn how to master anxiety, stress, and fear and replace it with purpose, peace and passion

Healthier Relationships and Career Success

You be able to ask for what you want and how you want it, but you will have the drive to go get it. 

No more half-finished projects, no more half arsing your sales call or failing to reach targets. 

You will master the ability to set goals and achieve them. 

By following the step by step training I will give you, you will be unstoppable. 

Inner Peace.

Living a life that doesn't make you happy, means that you are constantly battling yourself, your excuses and your doubts. 

Reconnect with your highest self you can finally let go of all that. 

Finally, take off those masks, and finally learn that you are one powerful, unique human being. Filled with purpose, joy and drive.

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