Transform Your Life With Mindfulness & Life Coaching

Life Coaching in Manchester and Online


A life coach is someone that views their clients potential, issues and
challenges as a third party…  

At Happy Choice Coaching, we provide life coaching session in Manchester and online sessions to clients across the country.



Together we will strip away those limiting beliefs that have been holding you back your entire life.

I will help you shape yourself into a person with confidence and the freedom to be your true self.

You will learn how to tap into your life superpower and use it to transform your life.


In a world filled with so many opinions about what that happiness is, learn to define your own happiness and then go one step further and achieve it.

Anxiety is the leading cause of hesitation and doubt. Learn how to master anxiety, stress, and fear and replace it with purpose, peace and passion.


You be able to ask for what you want and how you want it, but you will have the drive to go get it.

No more half-finished projects, no more half arsing your sales call or failing to reach targets.

You will master the ability to set goals and achieve them.

By following the step by step training I will give you, you the will be unstoppable.


Living a life that doesn’t make you happy, means that you are constantly battling yourself, your excuses and your doubts.

Reconnect with your highest self you can finally let go of all that.

Finally, take off those masks, and finally learn that you are one powerful, unique human being. Filled with purpose, joy and drive.


C. Young
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Shelby has coached me in how to healthily navigate my way through relationship break ups and life changes alike. She has a fostered immense personal growth in myself and encouraged me to become more mature and self-caring individual, while also being able to help others in an appropriate manner to ensure the integrity my own mental health and others. Shelby has a stark effect on the people she helps and they come out all the better for it, having learned her excellent sense of emotional awareness, wisdom and maturity
T. Simpson
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Shelby has changed my life in more ways than I know how to express. I have managed to make positive changes, both in the way I view myself and in my present and past relationships by carrying her wisdom and advice with me whereve I go. Thanks to her, I have developed a higher level of self esteem and I noww feel more able to push myself beyond my self constraints and face life's chalenges with confidence!
R. Shaw
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You will not regret working with Shelby, she is a calming and friendly person, that you can really open up to and eplore the limitations that hold you back. I worked on my self esteem and goal setting for 10 weeks and took the additional ork booklet afterwards. It has made making goals so much more achievable. I have excelled at work and becoming the top Sales Consultant in my team.
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Shelby is fantastic, changed my life ever since I've began talking with her, she has first hand experience in dealing a lot of issues. She has always been onhand to keep me accountable and in moving forward. Shes honest and straight forward, so you can really trust her advice.
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I don't have enough words to describe the mental shift that has been accomplished in just a few steps. Happy Choice Coaching will not only help you be your highest self but I have just got the job of my dreams! I couldn't have made that switch without the work I did with Shelby. 1 billion stars review, Thank you so much!
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I felt stuck in a constant cycle of no confidence and no money. After taking the Confidence course with Shelby, I have become a new man that achieves his goals (now that I know how to set them!) I am thriving at work, I have found the love of my life and I couldn't ever be go back.