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  • by happy.choice.coaching 3 weeks ago
    All my clients know this saying – progress is important for us to feel motivated especially when we are dealing
  • by happy.choice.coaching 2 weeks ago
    Burnout, anxiety, depression, anger, fatigue, low confidence, and just generally struggling to be your best self… All are side effects
  • by happy.choice.coaching 1 week ago
    Screw perfect, happiness is found in authenticity.
  • by happy.choice.coaching 2 weeks ago
    It’s more than thinking good thoughts. Positive thinking is about ignoring life problems, it’s about a mentality that lets you
  • by happy.choice.coaching 11 hours ago
    Trying out purple and blue..mmm thoughts?
  • by happy.choice.coaching 2 weeks ago
    Oh the power of your glasses, lipstick and top matching Comment below what makes you feel powerful
  • by happy.choice.coaching 2 weeks ago
    Working on my home office space… Can’t wait to show you the big reveal on Friday!!
  • by happy.choice.coaching 4 days ago
    Its winter, it’s raining and its COVID, and like you, I just want to eat chocolate and hide under the