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  • by happy.choice.coaching 3 days ago
    This Workshop focuses on teaching you how to let go of anger and resentment so you can shine brighter without
  • by happy.choice.coaching 6 days ago
    Everybody has a night-time routine Something that puts them at ease or simply keeps the monsters in their closets! What’s
  • by happy.choice.coaching 1 week ago
    Graduation day! . Since the lockdown rules have been reintroduced I have been looking over the few occasions we socialised
  • by happy.choice.coaching 1 week ago
    Hey Everyone! We have exciting news! We are offering a great opportunity to get involved with our workshops! . The
  • by happy.choice.coaching 7 days ago
    This was by far the most amazing, special, magical, and terrifying day of my life! Those who know me know
  • by happy.choice.coaching 18 hours ago
    This Workshop will show you how to break free from the beliefs and stories that are preventing you from unlocking
  • by happy.choice.coaching 2 days ago
    One of our favourite phrases is ‘ what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?’ well from experience
  • by happy.choice.coaching 5 days ago
    Heimdall – our gorgeous very medium dog… . I think pets in general have so much to teach us, but