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  • by happy.choice.coaching 4 days ago
    Focus on the basics. . Prioritize your responsibilities. Stress can start a harmful cycle where basic needs are neglected, which
  • by happy.choice.coaching 2 weeks ago
    ~”Blood is thicker than water.”~ The quote comes from: “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of
  • by happy.choice.coaching 5 days ago
    Happy birthday to my rock, my reminder, and my resilience. Your growth constantly leaves me in awe and I am
  • by happy.choice.coaching 2 weeks ago
    A year ago – I got married… . I’ve done a lot of reflection today, on all the crazy times
  • by happy.choice.coaching 2 weeks ago
    Many people who know me, are aware of just how much I enjoy celebrating. . At the end of the
  • by happy.choice.coaching 2 weeks ago
    A gift worth giving . Presenting a gift is more than just materials switching ownership. With the right sentimentality and
  • by happy.choice.coaching 2 weeks ago
    As a Life Coach, one of my most popular courses is working with clients who are just feeling a little…
  • by happy.choice.coaching 1 week ago
    I was a little stressed today. Working from home alone whilst arranging the house move during COVID has been less