Happy Choice Coaching

The 'Game Changer'

The Introductory programme for those of you who are new to coaching but want to jump-start your growth and success.


This short and affordable programme was created specifically for those who are new to Personal Development and want to fast-track their personal success. Growth is important and valid, no matter how big the transformation is, you’ve taken your first step to a better life and that’s incredible.

This bespoke coaching and mentoring will capitalise on that and instigate positive change and growth while increasing your confidence and day to day happiness.


A 1-hour initial consultation with me where we will take a look at where you currently are in your life, identify what may be holding you back, what’s really important to you and what you want to achieve in full detail.

4 one hour telephone or Zoom/Skype coaching sessions over a 4 week period. For those in Greater Manchester, I offer an in-person option.

Full coaching and mentoring support and expertise.

Full phone access to me between our sessions (not including bank holidays)


You will not regret working with Shelby, she is a calming and friendly person, that you can really open up to and explore the limitations that hold you back. I worked on my self esteem and goal setting for 10 weeks and took the additional work booklet afterwards. It has made making goals so much more achievable. I have excelled at work and become the top Sales Consultant in my team.

- R.Shaw




Shelby has coached me in how to healthily navigate my way through relationship break ups and life changes alike. She has fostered immense personal growth in myself and encouraged me to become more mature and self-caring individual, while also being able to help others in an appropriate manner to ensure the integrity my own mental health and others. Shelby has a stark effect on the people she helps and they come out all the better for it, having learned her excellent sense of emotional awareness, wisdom and maturity

- C.Young