Our workshops are designed to make personal growth accessible and practical. They come with a full 30 page workbook so you can keep practising what you learn long after the session.


Limiting Beliefs

Our relationships with money, ourselves and others are all dictated by our beliefs and presepctives. I don’t teach you to ignore the bad things going on but get to the root of why they are occuring and give show you how to empower yourself with realistic strategies that work for you.

Emotional Exploration and Expression

This Workshop will help you identify and explore emotional blockages and help you discover healthy ways to express yourself. Learn new coping mechanisms as well as how your emoitions and actions influence each other so you can be your best self.

Work Through Worry and Stress

Gain practical and realistic tools and strategies from someone who has been there and mastered their worry and stress because you deserve to feel in control! All 


In this Workshop you will focus on teaching you how to let go of anger and resentment so you can shine brighter without all the pain. It helps you get to the root of the problem so you can compassionately let it go and move forward.

Connecting with Yourself After Trauma

Learn research based strategies and actual tools to help you reconnect with yourself from someone who understands. We use compassionate and theraputic tools that have been proven to help you make the next steps of your journey.

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View Coaching Courses for Focused and Bespoke Growth

The Bear

The introductory programme for those of you who are new to coaching but want to jump-start your growth and success. Best for those with a strong idea or topic they wanna focus on.

Let's Get Down to Business!

The in-depth, bespoke coaching package designed to increase your confidence, happiness and success in as little as three months.

How Far Will
You Go?

The life-affirming rockstar package, where we dig deep and unearth what is truly holding you back, so by the end of the six months you are at the top of the world.